Charging Problem on Phone- How to Fix Battery Not Charging

How to fix an Android phone’s battery not charging

 Fix mobile slow charging problemSmartphone are our next big gadgets if you are an indeed smartphone user know how much it hurts when you receive low battery caution.


The smartphones battery life is not satisfactory to everyone many people have faced problems of their phone that battery not charging up to 100 %. To solve this problem, some people decide to go for a new charger but the soon discover that this is not the solution.

Reasons – Why Mobile Battery Not Charging

Bad cable- if your phone is not charging or charging slowly, then check your USB cable. May be you have a bad cable.

Weak power source- if you are using PC to charge your phone, then your phone is going to charge slowly.


Bad adapter- if you have a bad adapter then your phone charge very slow.

Phone may be outmoded- if your phone became outmoded, then update your device.

Bad battery- if your battery has gone bad, you can purchase a new one.

Backgrounds apps- background apps are sapping the battery. So grab a good task manager and uninstall the misbehaving app.

USB port is damaged- if your phone not charging correctly, then you may have broken or bent a pin inside your phone’s USB port. Then you should take your phone for repair.

Solutions for Not Charging Mobile Phones

Restart the mobile phone- you just restart your device and start charging your mobile phone. By doing so, you will refresh CPU, RAM and other essential components.

Clean USB ports carefully- sometimes dirt or dust get inside to mobile phones USB port, so you need to clean them to flow seamlessly.


Reset your smartphones- mobile phone applications create this kind of problems. So you need to uninstall the non-necessary applications and reset your mobile phone.

Re-insert your battery- continuous playing of the game leads to the heating of battery. So just switch off your device, remove the battery and re-insert and turn on your mobile.

Update your smartphone- smartphones runs on the advanced Operating System and you might face a lot of issues including this one. So try to update your mobile.

Change charging cable- if your mobile phone charging cable is creating the problems then change the charging cable.

Change battery- if you have dead battery in case you need to change your battery.