How to take a screenshots or screen capture In windows10 laptop or P.C

In windows 10 how to take screenshots

In windows 10 how to take screenshots mobileslatestA screenshot is an image taken of whatever on your screen; screenshots are very useful documents and you can also share what’s on your screen like a whatsapp messages or a Facebook pictures or anything which you want to capture it is very useful document for someone to show as a proof or share to anyone.


Tips to take screenshots on windows 10 –

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut key – PrtScn (print screen)

This is the best method for screenshot it works in all the versions of windows including windows 10

Step 1– Firstly, on keyboard press the PrtScn(print screen) button, this will take a screen shot of a whole or full screen and saves it to the clipboard.


Step 2– Then opens a image editing program like paint and paste the image with Ctrl+V from the clipboard.

Step 3– Then you can save it as a file.

  1. Use the key board shortcut key– Windows + PrtScn

If you want to take a screen shot of a whole screen and directly save as file on the hard disk, without using any other tool, then press windows + PrtScn on your key board, windows 10 automatically store the screen shot in the pictures library, under screen shots.


  1. Use the key board shortcut key Alt +PrtScn

In windows 10 you can also take a screen shot of the active window,

Step 1– Open the window which you want to capture and press Alt +PrtScn on the key board,

Step 2– Then opens paint or any other editing program and paste the image with Ctrl+V, so that you can save it to your windows device.


  1. Use the snipping tool for taking a screen shot-

With the help of snipping tool you can take screen shot of a specific part of a screen

Step 1– From start menu in the search bar type snipping tool

Step 2– Then select snipping tool

Step 3– Then select new, select and drag the cursor to select the area of screen you want to use then release the cursor on a space you want to capture.

Your screen shot is now open in snipping tool.