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How to Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Downloading Installing Updates.

How to Disable and fix automatic updates in Windows 10 –

Automatic UpdatesAutomatic Updates – Many of you have observed that or met with this condition where you are in a hurry and you tried to shutdown laptop but a message displays that “windows installing updates please wait till the process complete”.

And your laptop won’t shutdown until it completes the process or you forcefully shutdown by long pressing the power key. But whenever you start your laptop it that message will appear again until it completes. This can make you wait for 10-15 mins, and not necessarily you would have that much time every time. Though an update-to-date system is always a much safer to work and less vulnerable to attack, many users want to get rid of this feature. Microsoft time to time updates their security patches, bug fix and patches for overall performance and to ensure your computer/laptop keep protected from the attacker and run properly, it automatically installs these updates. So that is why we do not recommend you to turn off the Automatic Updates because somehow it is going to help you. But actually this approach is not convenient for every user; this is not what everyone wants.

Windows 10 won’t let you take the full control over installing updates, like its prior versions where we had an option “Never check for updates” in Windows 8 and 7, and “Turn off Automatic Updates” in Windows XP, etc. They are mandatory and downloaded and installed automatically by default, but you can control to notify and prevent the automatic download.

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates on Windows 10– Step By Step 2018 –

Today I am going to show you the 3 ways to prevent Updates downloading and installing automatically. So it won’t bother you anymore. The methods are following below:

Setting as Metered Network: This is an option where you tell Windows that you are using a Metered Network whether you are using or not, to restrict the Windows from the automatic download. Steps to do this-

Select ‘Start’ then go to ‘Settings’, on that page Select ‘Network & Internet’ icon; here you find out the WiFi tab is already open showing all the available network. Select the network you are using and select on “Advanced options” link. Here you can see the on/off button below the “Set as metered connection”. Select to make it on.

Changing Local Group policy: You can disable the service by editing in the group policies. Steps to do this-

Press Win + R key on the keyboard to open the Run command. Type gpedit.msc and press Enter Key to open the ‘Local Group Policy Editor’, a window will appear. Find the Computer Configuration Tab on the Left Hand Side Panel, go to the Administrative Templates, double select to expand it, go to the Windows Components, double select to expand it, Browse Windows Updates and select to the ‘Configure Automatic Updates’ on the Right Hand Side Panel. A new window will appear to check mark on ‘Enabled’ and select ‘Notify for download and notify for install’ from the drop down list select on Apply and OK. And exit from the Editor.

Disabling Services from Control Panel: You can also disable the service through Control Panel. Steps to do this-

Press Win + R key on the keyboard to open the Run command. Type “control” and press Enter key. You will reach to the Control Panel window, Set view by to “Large icons” now you can see the ‘Administrative Tools’ select on it. Another new window will appear Browse the ‘Services’ Shortcut, double select on it, and Browse for Windows Update option, double select on it, a tab will open, from where you can Start, Stop and Disable the service.


Question 1. How to stop automatic updates in Windows 10?

Answer: There are three options to stop automatic updates in Windows 10:

  1. Set as Metered Connection
  2. Through Computer Management
  3. Through Local Group Policies

Question 2. How long it takes to revert automatic updates on windows 10?

Answer: This situation is faced by the user when windows update failed and may take 20 to 30 minutes to revert the changes. It displays the error message “Failure configuring Windows Updates. Reverting Changes. Do not turn off your computer.” on your Windows Login Screen.

Question 3. How to stop an automatic update progress in Windows 10?

Answer: The best way to stop the progressing update is to disconnect the internet connection and wait for few minutes. And follow the steps mentioned in the article above.

Question 4. How can I roll back or revert the updates on my windows laptop?

Answer: If you want to revert back the changes made by the recent update. Then you can apply the ‘system restore’, it won’t affects your personal files, but it will remove apps, drivers and updates installed after the restore point was made.

Question 5. How can you pause Automatic Updates in Windows 10?

Answer: As we all know that Windows 10 automatic updates doesn’t have ‘Turn off’ options like its predecessors. But still there are some tips other than mentioned above in this article by which you can prevent automatic updates. So here, we are talking about Command line mode. To do this:

Press ‘Win + X’ key and select the ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’ option. Now type the command ‘net stop wuauserv’ and press Enter key. Then type next command ‘net stop bits’ and press Enter key, again type ‘net stop dosvc’ and press Enter key.

And if any time you want to reverse the process and resume downloads. Type commands one by one:

‘net start wuauserv’ and press Enter key,

‘net start bits’ and press Enter key,

‘net start dosvc’ and press Enter key.