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What are the Problems of Hairdryer and How to Solve These Problems

How to Troubleshoot Hair Dryer Problems

how-to-troubleshoot-hair-dryer-problems-mobilelatestNowadays all people use hair dryer for their hair. It helps us to dryer our wet hair. Many people use hair dryer for their hair but some time hair dryer just stop working. There are so many problems in hair dryer. If your hair dryer is doesn’t work then here are some solutions which help you to troubleshoot your hair dryer problems. Have a look on these solution it will surely help you to solve hair dryer problems.


Problems of hair dryer

  • Hair dryer won’t turn on
  • Air doesn’t comes out
  • Unable to switch
  • Only cold air comes out
  • Hair dryer stop working

Solutions for Hairdryer Problems

1- Hair Dryer Won’t Turn On

Hold Down on/off Switch- The button may be loose or you may need to press it with more force. Try holding down the off button.


Electrical Connection- Make sure that the plug is connected to an outlet in your wall.

Power Supply- Sometimes there is a problem in power supply. So check your power supply.

2- Little or No Air Comes Out

Blockage- There may be blockages which you cannot see like buildup of hair or other particles in the grating behind the nozzle. So, examine the nozzle for any clear or easily removable blockages.


Wrong Setting- Verify that your hairdryer is set to a High setting and is not set to Low and you want to engage the turbo button to increase the rate of air flow.

Fan Problems- Sometimes there should be problem with the fan or motor assembly.

3- Unable to Switch

Resin Buildup- After so many years of use, resin and oils can build up and hinder the buttons’ functionality. Clean the area around your setting buttons with compressed air.

Faulty Switchboard- Sometimes switchboard buttons gets defective and it controls the way the hairdryer modulates between settings. Change your switchboard.


4- Only Cold Air Comes Out

Wrong Setting- Hair dryer is set to a hot or warm heat dispensing setting. Make sure that your hairdryer is not set to cool or cold.

Faulty Heating Element- Sometimes heating element get defective. So replace heating element.

5- Hairdryer Stop Working

Causes for Hair Dryer Stop Working

  • Hairdryer stop working because of overheating.
  • Using hair dryer for more than 7-10 minutes can cause it to automatically shut off.
Solutions for Hair Dryer Stop Working
  • Unplug the device and let it cool down.
  • Keep your hairdryer in cool environment for 2-3 minutes.
  • After cooling down, use your hair dryer.
  • Push reset button after the dryer is plugged back in.