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Watch live TV Shows Movies and Videos on Android mobile freely

How to watch live TV shows on android phone

how-to-watch-live-tv-shows-on-android-phone-mobilelatestEveryone likes to watch TV shows in their home but sometimes some people do not have time and they can’t watch their favorite serial in home. That is why people are using internet and watch their favorite serial in mobile. Benefit of watching TV shows on mobile is you can watch your favorite serial when and where you want. Now TV shows are in your hand.


You can watch your favorite serial where you want. For this you only need to install those apps from which you can watch TV on mobile. Here you will get to know about how to watch live tv shows on android mobile. So let’s go to know about how to watch live TV shows on android phone.

Some apps for watching live shows on Mobile-

1- nexGTV

2- YuppTV

3- Hotstar

Here an example of nexGTV app is given to you. You can watch live TV shows on your mobile by installing other apps also.


What are the ways to watch live TV shows videos and movies on mobile

Step 1- Firstly install the nexGTV application on your mobile from play store.

Step 2- Open the app after installing the app.

Step 3- After open the app you will get skip option. Select that skip option.

Step 4- After selecting the skip option you will get some option of Live TV, Movies, TV shows and videos option. Select that option which you want to see.


Step 5- If you want to watch Live TV than select live TV option. When you select this option you will get channels in the right side on the screen. Now select that channel which you want to see.

Step 6- But keep in mind that only those channels are free for you in which “Free” word is written in front of them. If the “Free” word is not written in front of the channel then you have to pay for watching it. For knowing other things of this channel select it. You will get full detail of this channel.

Step 7- That is how you can also watch videos and movies on your mobile.

You can easily watch live TV on your mobile by using internet. Only internet data will be deducted by watching these free channels not balance.\