11 Ways to Optimize Gaming Performance and Slow Working of Laptop

How to Boost or Improve the Slow Gaming Speed on PC Laptop 2018

11 Ways To Optimize Gaming Performance And Slow Working of LaptopHow to optimize gaming performance and slow working of your laptop is always a big issue and mostly irritates many PC Laptop users. This is what a pc gamer hates the most,

because today most of the games use High Definition (HD) images. Therefore Graphics card are used specially by the PC Gamers.

Need of Graphics Card – To Optimize Gaming Performance

Why do we still need a graphics card when we already have the CPU and RAM specially for the gaming purpose. To understand this, we need to understand the difference between Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) and Central Processing Unit (CPU) first.

Different Between GPU and CPU

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is able to render images more quickly than a central processing unit because of its parallel processing architecture, which allows it to perform multiple calculations at the same time.

A single CPU does not have this capability, although multicore processors can perform calculations in parallel by combining more than one CPU onto the same chip. A CPU also has a higher clock speed, meaning it can perform an individual calculation faster than a GPU. Therefore, a CPU is often better equipped to handle basic computing tasks.

Types of Graphic Cards

  1. Integrated: Integrated Graphics card are the one which comes inbuilt with the processors or on the motherboard. It is also known as ‘on-board card’ or ‘shared graphic card’. Its graphics systems are built into the same chip as the CPU and uses the system’s RAM. It consumes less power and its processing power is also lower than dedicated graphics card.
  2. Dedicated: Dedicated Graphics card are the external attachment that must be connected to the motherboard. They are also known as ‘discrete GPU’ or ‘discrete graphics card’. It has its own graphics processing unit (GPU) and RAM. It consumes more power than Integrated and generates more heat. It is a specialized peripheral component dedicated solely to managing the graphics performance in a computer.

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Now we know the benefits of GPU over CPU and can answer to the question that why do we still need Graphics card and how an external graphics card can optimize gaming performance and slow working of your desktop PC or laptop.

The raw power of a GPU can also be used for other purposes. Many operating systems and software programs now support GPGPU, or general-purpose computation on graphics processing units. Technologies like OpenCL and CUDA allow developers to utilize the GPU to assist the CPU in non-graphics computations. This can improve the overall performance of a computer or other electronic device.

Different Ways to Optimize Gaming Performance & Slow Working of your Laptop:
  1. Keep your desktop pc or laptop clean and dust free.
  2. Update System Drivers (especially Graphics Card).
  3. Install latest DirectX Version.
  4. Check your hard disk for errors and Fragmentation – Run ‘chkdsk’ and ‘disk defragmenter’ if required. For SSD use ‘Trim’ command.
  5. Adjust computer’s Power Settings to ‘High Performance’.
  6. Enable ‘Game Mode’ In Windows 10.
  7. Close unnecessary Background running apps.
  8. Adjust Texture and Shader settings of your Graphics card.
  9. Overclocking of GPU – Use MSI Afterburner Tool.
  10. Upgrade HDD to SSD, as Solid State Drives are much faster than Hard Disk Drives and reduce the game loading time for sure.
  11. Check Network Speed for online gaming.

I hope with the help of these 11 different ways mentioned above, you will be able to optimize gaming performance and increase or boost the slow working of your pc or laptop.


Question 1. Which Graphics Card shall I purchase?

Answer. There are several good companies who manufacture Graphics Card you can choose anyone as per your requirement and budget. Currently in the market Nvidia and AMD are the best manufacturer companies.

Question 2. Is it necessary to install a Graphics card to boost gaming performance?

Answer. No, Graphics card are only required for high definition image games like Battlefield 1, GTA V, etc.

Question 3. Can I run my PC without a Graphics card?

Answer. Yes, if don’t have any task related to HD graphics because graphics card are especially used for HD graphic image processing.

Question 4. I have an inbuilt graphics card on my pc, can I install a dedicated graphics card?

Answer. Yes you can install. It is completely up to you for what purpose you want a dedicated one. Go for it only if you have such requirement otherwise it is useless to spend extra money on it.

Question 5. Which games I can play on my pc without a graphics card?

Answer. There are several games you can play without having a graphics card. Project IGI, Max Payne are some of the examples. You can check the recommended system requirement of the game.