Activate GPRS in Android Phones-Turn on GPRS Setting in Mobile

How to Configure GPRS Setting Tips

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service and was the first popular data standard for mobile phones. GPRS was used for WAP and MMS messages and offered modest connection speeds.

It is based on global system for mobile communications of 3G and 2G cellular communication systems. It is non-voice, high-speed and useful packet-switching technology intended for GSM networks.

How to Activate GPRS- 2 Steps

GPRS Plan- to activate GPRS on your mobile phone takes GPRS service plans. Firstly you see your GPRS service provide plan, to know this visit your service provider website or call to customer care after a few minute your GPRS plan will be activated.

Mobile Network- for mobile network go on your mobile setting select mobile network and activate data, after that select your service provide network and see the sign of [G] OR [E] OR [3G] on top of your phone. If you will see these signs it means that GPRS is working on your mobile and you can use this facility.