BSNL 1GB data in below than Rs. 1 New BB 249 Broadband Plan

Full details of the New Plans or unlimited broadband plan in Rs. 249

BSNL 1GB DATA IN BELOW THAN RS. 1 NEW BB 249 BROADBAND PLAN mobileslatest From long time, people are waiting for the new plans of BSNL. Now BSNL launch its new plans. By spending 280 million, BSNL changes the old technology.

BSNL launches the too many plans for mobile, broadband and landline. So let’s know that what the plans of BSNL are.

What are the new plans of BSNL

  1. BSNL will give 1GB data in below than Rs. 1. BSNL will launch BB-249 for the consumers of the broadband from 9, September, 2016.
    Is this you can use 300GB data in Rs. 249. 300GB data can be used for 6 month. BSNL also says that it will start the 4.5G Wi-Fi service between January to March.
  2. BSNL change the 90 tower of 2G technique and 142 tower of 3G technique from mobile BTC tower to new technique of JTE. And it establishes 58 new towers. The customers of 3G network use the data from the speed of 10 Mbps.
  3. BSNL also reforms the rural areas. BSNL establishes the BTS of 3G technique in some rural areas. In next three months work will completed.
  4. BSNL gave the free calling service from landline for Sunday since 15 august, 2016. You can do unlimited calling from your landline to any mobile or landline number on Sunday.
  5. And other days calling is free from 9PM to 7AM. For new landline connection you have to give only Rs. 49 monthly and you will get one prepaid SIM also.
  6. If you take the BSNL broadband of Rs. 700 or more than Rs. 700, you will get Wi-Fi modem of Rs. 1500. This amount will return in 15 months at the rate of 100/month. In the unlimited plan of broadband, in the place of 512 kbps speed the data is available in the speed of 1mbps for month.
  7. BSNL also launches the plan for students. 1GB data and Rs. 10 talk value will give to the students. Roaming will be free. Validity of the SIM is for 1 year. And there are so many benefits which will have been given to the students.
  8. BSNL solve the network problem under the house like poor voice quality, no coverage problem. You can join the mobile calls to the landline if your phones battery is low. This service is free of cost.