How to delete or remove name and number from True Caller app

How to remove name and number from true caller app

How to remove name and number from true caller app mobileslatestTrue caller is a smartphone application.True caller is a popular app that shows you contact details of unknown number calling you. Nowadays everyone has True Caller app in their smartphone which also show the name of the caller and for this you also the name of

the caller who is calling you, Sometimes we do not want to show our numbers and a caller can know your name and your number from the search from the true caller app, if you install true caller application then the app can making a backup of your phone list contact and save it to their database.

If you use this true caller app and your friends and family used this application then also your name is shown on the true caller app this is the main problem in this true caller app and everyone can

watch your details or name from the search of your number so if you want to remove your number from the true caller there is a solution and to create privacy for your number see the below tips and read it carefully-

How to remove number or name from true caller-

Step 1– First opens the true caller app,

Step 2– Then select on the ME icon below the app,

Step 3– Then select on the settings,

Step 4– Then under settings selects the option “About”

Step 5- Then select the deactivate account option,

Step 6– Then next option asked you option yes or no so you have to select yes,

Step 7- Then opens the link in the browser

Step 8– When the link is open in the browser in which unlist form was open in front of you and you have to fill up all information including name or a number and then on reason option select unlist after filling up a form.

Step 9– After selecting the unlist form there is pop up opens then you have to select OK and in about 24 hours your number from the true caller app will be removed and no one can information about you.