Driving Licence – What is it and how to make it Online – Easy Steps 2018

Step by Step Guideline to apply for Driving licence Online

Driving Licence – What is it and how to make it Online – Easy Steps 2018What is Driving Licence and its uses?

Driving Licence (DL) is the one of the most important document and valid identity proof issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. In various Indian states, they are administered by the Regional Transport

Authorities/Offices (RTA/RTO). This document certifies that the individual holding it is qualified and authorized to drive in all over India.

It is mandatory to have a Driving Licence to drive a vehicle on any highway or other road defined in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. DL can be also used as a proof of photo id, date of birth and address.

India uses cumulative points systems, broadly similar but different in detail in different countries, for offenders. Points are given for driving offences by law courts, and the Licence is endorsed accordingly. Twelve points on the Licence makes the driver liable to cancellation / suspension of driving Licence for one year, accumulation of twelve points for the second consecutive time would lead to suspension of driving Licence for five years. Every driving Licence has a maximum number of endorsements allowed. If the driver does not follow the traffic rules or causes any fault, then a penalty fine is issued and an endorsement put on the Licence. An excessive number of endorsements may lead to cancellation.