Earphone not working Solutions to fix headphone Problem You can try

Earphone not working on Mobile How to fix it –

Earphone not working Solutions to fix headphone Problem You can tryHow to repair earphone, what to do fix headphone problem, how to fix earphone not working on android. It is not necessary that your mobile is new or old, mobile earphone phone problem can start any time. This problem can also happen in your phone and in the earphone.  Headphone problem may start some of our mistakes. The reasons also earphone not working on mobile is connecting mobile to DJ, connecting with more loaded sound etc. here are some possible solution for earphone not working on mobile, you can try these ways at home easily. Headphone sign in mobile how to fix it how to repair headphone-

How to Fix Headphone Jack Problem on Mobile Phone Easy Ways –

If your Smartphone is not sported to headphone, here are we telling you about best headphone problem solutions methods. These all tips can help your earphone not working problem. You know, whenever mobile ringer is not play, this which can also case headphone jack problem. How to fix headphone earphone not working easy ways-

Tips1:- Check Headphone Port –

First off all check your headphone port. If your headphone jack is broken, then your earphone can’t work on your mobile. If you want check your headphone port so you can use any other earphone for it.

Tips2:- Clean Headphone Jack –

If your headphone jack has dust full, clean it carefully. This is main reason of earphone jack not working. To clean headphone port, firstly remove all dust by any sharp metal after that use cotton buds and clean mobile earphone port carefully.

Tips3:- Check Your Earphone –

If your earphone not working, check your earphone and make sure problem are in your headphone. You can use any other headphone in your device. If you find problem in your earphone then change it. 

Tips4:- Check Bluetooth connectivity –

Many times it happens that our phone is connected to Bluetooth from any other device like Speakers, Wireless Headphones, etc. whose information does not stay with us. In this type of case you need firstly check your mobile Bluetooth connectivity, your phone may be connecting with any other device.  

Tips5:- Check audio setting –

Many people make changes to audio setting in their phone. Whenever we mute our audio volume, this time sound does not play in mobile. We think there is a problem in earphone but this is fault of audio setting. So check the volume and increase it.