Files or folders are not deleting in laptop how to fix

How to Fix “Access Is Denied” Error While Deleting File

How to Fix “Access Is Denied” Error While Deleting File mobileslatestSometimes you want to delete file or folder in your laptop but “Access is denied” error is coming in front of the laptop or computer. Here you can know the steps of deleting the file while error is coming.

Before deleting the file or folder check the file or folder is open or not. If the file or folder is open then you can’t delete the file or folder. Firstly close the file or folder then delete them. But if file or folder is not open and you are not able to delete the file then follow these steps. It can help you to delete the unwanted file without any interference.

What Are the Ways to Delete the Unwanted File?

 Method 1. If the file is open then you can’t delete the file. Firstly close the task and then try to delete the file-

Step 1. Press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc button. Task manager is now open in your laptop.

Step 2. Now which program are running in your laptop or computer, select them and select End process or End task option.

Step 3. Now program is closed.

Step 4. Restart your computer.

Step 5. Now delete the file or folder which you want to delete.

Method 2. Use the third party for deleting the file. Like- Process Explorer, LockHunter or Unlocker or Lock-UnMatic. You can install these programs very easily. When you install these programs you can see the list of the running program. Select kill process option and close all the program and try to delete the file which you want to delete.

Method 3. Use the command prompt.

Step 1. If you cannot find your file then type the name of the file in search box. In windows 8, press the right button of the mouse on the file which you want to delete and select the properties option. Remove all the attributes of the file or folder.

Step 2. Note the location of the file. Like if your file name is Desktop and it is in the user folder under the users folder then write the location like this- c:\users\user\desktop.

Step 3. Now open the command prompt in your laptop or computer. Type cmd in the search box and press enter.

Step 4. Now minimize the command prompt and open the task manager. Close the all task like Method 1. And do not close the task manager just minimize it.

Step 5. Now go back to the command prompt and write the username. After writing the username, write cd and document name. Example- If your username is C:/\users\user and document name is Desktop then write it like this-

C:\users\user>cd desktop and press enter.

Step 6. Now for deleting the file use the del command- “del file name.exe”

If the file name is testing.exe and you want to delete then write it like-

C:\users\user\desktop>del testing.exe

Step 7. Now your file will be deleted.


Step 1. If you want to delete folder then use “RMCIR/S/Q” command in the place of del command.

Example- C:\ users\user\desktop>rmdir /s /q C:\ users\user\desktop\unwanted folder name

Last step. Go back to the task manager and close it.

That is how you can delete the files or folders which are showing while deleting.