How can get Mobile PUK Code-unblock SIM Card with PUK Code

Unblock your SIM card using PUK code

What is puk code mobileslatestPUK code refers to personal unlocking key. It is a security feature on most mobile devices that protect your SIM card data. A PUK code is required when a SIM card pin code has been entered incorrectly.

Once if your mobile starts asking for its PUK code then you can neither make a call nor send text from it.

2 Ways to find puck code easily to unblock SIM card

  • Using another mobile- It is very easy to find your PUK code by using another mobile. Make a call to the customer care center and tell them about the problem.
  • Check SIM card packaging- If you have recently purchased a SIM card, then looks on the packaging. Sometimes the PUK code is printed on it.