How Can I Find My Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone by Easy Method

How to find lost mobile mobileslatestA lot of people fear that if they lose their mobile phone or if it is lost or stolen what will happen with their Personal Information, data and privacy? Will we able to locate our lost phone?

It would be easy to find out? Of course not. This is all we think, nowadays time is also moving forward with the technology, and we can easily locate our lost phone.

Ways to Find Lost or Stolen Phone

By logging into Google Drive

In your Android device, log into Google Drive and saw in it the last time that your device online. Go to this link and you can give ring on your phone and also can take the phone back.

If the phone was not found then you can lock your device otherwise you can delete all the information of your device which you saved in it. But there is a problem on the link that it will not work until your phone is not connected to a Wi-Fi connection. And sometimes some people are so smart that he received a phone and turn the switch off so it is better to delete all Information of your phone.

Use The App

Nowadays to find your lost mobile a lot of app is created. Like Mobile tracker application. This application will help you in reaching your phone. Even after SIM changing, if your phone is connected to Wi-Fi connection or internet connection, the app will message you the location of your phone. If the internet connection is not connected to your phone the app will message you on your recovery number.

Find your mobile with IMEI code

If you want to teach him a lesson, who stole your phone, it will be very beneficial for you to know the IMEI number. To know the IMEI number of your phone, type *#06# and you will find your IMEI number and then save the IMEI number at any place. If you should lose your phone then go the IMEI website of IMEI and blacklisted that IMEI number. Then it gives you the signal that your stolen device has been blocked. Then your phone will not run after changing a SIM.

That is how you find your stolen phone.