How can I take backup and restore sms file in windows phone

ways to restore and take back up in windows phone

windows phone SMS backup mobileslatestMany people fail to take SMS Back up & Restore in Windows Phone. Now who are using Windows Phone can also take SMS Back up and restore SMS. We are going to tell you the method how you can take SMS Back up and restore it in windows phone.

Ways to take SMS Back up

  • Firstly install the MobileTool SMS Back up app in your windows phone.
  • Open the app and select the Back up option.
  • Then select those SMS which you want to Back up.
  • Select “start Back up” option.
  • Save the name and location of the file.
  • Select the save option.
  • Now you can see your SMS file’s Back up and transfer it into your computer.

Ways to restore your SMS file

  • Select the “restore” option of MobileTool SMS Back up app.
  • Select the SMS Back up file to restore.
  • Your file will restore.

That is how you can take Back up and restore your SMS file in the windows phone.