How can I transfer files from mobile to pc using Bluetooth

Ways to transfer the file from android to laptop

HOW TO Transfer data mobileslatestWe can transfer file from not only mobile phone to mobile phone but also mobile phone to laptop. If Bluetooth works on your computer also so you can transfer your file also in your computer not only in laptop.

Here we are going to tell you the steps to transfer file from your android phone to laptop.

How to transfer file using Bluetooth from my mobile to laptop

  1. First, turn on the Bluetooth in the laptop and mobile both.
  2. Pair your laptop with your android mobile.
  3. Type the 4-8 digit passcode in your mobile.
  4. When the laptop paired with your android, you can transfer files from your mobile to computer or computer to mobile also.
  5. You can transfer your file from computer to mobile in many ways.
  6. First way, copy the file from your computer. Find your mobile device and then paste it to the phone.
  7. Second way, press the right button on the file which you want to transfer and select the “send to” option and send it to your Bluetooth device (mobile phone name).
  8. Some mobile phone doesn’t support this type of transfer. They can only support Bluetooth headset for transfer.
  9. You can watch the process while file will be transferred to your phone or computer.

That is how you can transfer your file from laptop mobile to laptop or to mobile.