How do I fix memory card when it is not detecting in android phone

Solution for detecting memory card in android mobile

Solution for detecting memory card in android mobile mobileslatestSome users usually complain that the SD card can’t be detected or read by the device. Let’s find out the reasons why SD card is not detectable and the solutions to deal with it.

Causes and solution of SD card detection problem of android

  1. If the SD card is dirty– Most of users do not pay attention on cleaning their SD cards from dust and dirt. The dirt on the card may clog the SD card detection by the device. Check whether there is dark spot around the metal or any black area in the card. If it is, clean it with cotton, alcohol or water. Then, dry it out before put it back to the phone.
  2. Because of battery voltage- Some good-qualified SD cards requires good quality of battery. People use another battery for battery backup. If a bought battery not as good as the original one, it will cause the problem. Change the battery and use original battery.
  3. Pressure on card slot- Smartphone is getting thinner and thinner. People like using non-original batteries, which are much cheaper, to extend the standby time. This gives pressure on the sd card slot because some batteries are thicker than the original batteries. Take out the off-size battery from the phone and fit the original battery on.
  4. Metal wire of the SD card slot get rusty and twisted- Frequently insert or take out SD card may bring about metal wires in the card slot twist or rust. If the wire bends, you can get it straight. If it is rusty, you can just remove the rust.
  5. Virus in the SD card- Android users like to install apps in SD card. Some of the app packages contain virus files, which will make sd card not detectable. Put sd card in the card reader and connect it to the computer. Then, remove the virus with anti-virus software. If it still doesn’t work, format the sd card.
  6. SD card not inserted properly- If a SD card is not inserted properly, it will not be detected. So insert the sd card properly.
  7. Broken SD card- If the sd card is broken it will not detectable in the phone. To check the SD card is broken or not, you can put it in the card reader and connect to the computer. If it is open in the computer, the SD card is in good condition. If not, the card may be broken.
  8. Problem is in the phone- If you found the card in good condition, you may need to send your phone for maintenance.There might be something wrong with your mobile that can’t read the external card.

That is how your mobile can read the memory card.