How many types of modem and what are its benefits

What is the work of modem

what-is-the-work-of-modem-mobilelatestModem is made from two words- modulation and demodulation. Modem is a device which changes the analog data into digital data and sends the analog data by changing it into digital data. Modem makes the communication between other devices and computer. Here you will know about types of modem. So let’s go to know about the different types of modem.


What are the different kinds of modem

There are two types of modem. First is internal modem and second is external modem.

Internal modem- Internal modem fitted under the computer. Internal modem is different for different computer brand. Internal modems are very cheap than external modem. Sometimes internal modems are already fitted in computer. Some internal modems are very poor which take too much power supply. That is why before buying the internal check it very carefully.

External modem- External modem is same as internal modem but it can’t be fit under the computer. When modem is not fitted under the computer at that time external modem are used. These modems are joined through cable or from other sources. These modems can be joined from any brand of computer.

What are the benefits of internal or external modem

Internal modems are cheaper than external modem. Once the internal modem fit in computer, dust does not take place on it. But you cannot see the modem that who can use your internet connection without your permission while you can check internal connection on external modem easily. External modem is placed out from computer that is why extra heat is not coming in computer. A drawback of external modem is that you have to prevent it from dust and place it on the top. These external modems are very costly.