How to backup drivers in windows before formatting

How to backup of your drivers in windows

How to backup of your drivers in windows mobileslatestA device driver is a piece of software that interprets data from a hardware component and transfers it to the operating system. A driver is like a translator which takes information at low level from the hardware and sends it to the OS (operating system), for allowing it to operate smoothly.

There are two ways to perform driver backup either manually or using the additional driver backup tools

Backup drivers in windows 7&10 manually-

Drivers of all versions windows are stored in the folder c:\windows\system 32 for this you have to-

Step 1- Go to the start menu then select on computer

Step 2-Then open local disk C and select windows

Step 3– Then search for the system 32 and select it.

Step 4– In system32 there is three options under it which is drivers, Driver Store, DRVSTORE for a manual backup simply copy the three folders and save them on external USB

Backup drivers in windows through driver max tool-

 Step 1– Install driver Max first then copy driver max installer file to USB

Step 2– Open DriverMax then select backup

Step 3– Then select creates driver backup archive and then select next.

Step 4– Selects all and then select backup

Step 5- Then copy the backup files to an external USB data storage drive/outside Drive C.

After backup of your windows you are ready to reinstalling your computer.

Restore Drivers windows from driver Max tool-

After finishing the reinstalling process now you need to restore/install your driver windows from you backup your files

Step 1– Install driver Max

Step 2– Then open driver Max

Step 3–  Select restore and then select restore from previously created backup then select next.

Step 4- Load backup driver file from USB and then select next.

 Step 5– Selects all drivers and select restore, the drivers Max restores is completed.

Like drivers Max there are also free tools, in which you can also backup your drivers like double driver, slim drivers, driver backup, driver magician lite.