How to check and reduce the temperature of CPU in computer

How to check CPU temperature

How to check CPU temperature mobileslatestHeating problem is the most common and big problem of a computer. It is very necessary to keep in control this problem. If your computer gets too hot in that you do find trouble, reduce to run the program or you are thinking that it is good to shut down the computer.

But before solving the problem you should know about the problem. If we get the info about temperature of CPU then it easy to calculate that how much time we will work and this is good for our computer also. The temperature of CPU should not be exceeding from 75°C.

Ways to check CPU temperature

By BIOS- For going to BIOS configuration just hold Shift key and then turn off the system. Hold the F2 button and then press the power button. Do not leave the F2 button until you see the BIOS screen display. You can find the BIOS configuration. Use the arrow key and find the hardware monitor. Every computer has a different name like hardware monitor, status, PC health etc.It will show you the option of CPU temperature and tell you about the CPU temperature.

Use of program– Some motherboard comes with the hardware monitoring program. You can know about the CPU temperature by installing some program. Like open hardware monitor, speed fan, core temp, HW monitor, real temp etc. Run the program. Some program tells you about the temperature of CPU with speed and voltage of fan.

How to reduce the temperature of CPU

Clean the dust- Make sure that computer’s fan and vents should not be blocked. Open your computer and clean the dust by compressed air. If they will not get proper air then it will heat up the computer.

Put the thermal paste- Thermal paste is used for cooling the computer. As the time goes, the thermal paste degrades. That is why always put the thermal paste again and again but in limit because if you put too much thermal paste then it will separate the CPU to heat sink. It is good to warm the computer little more.

Replace the heat sink- If your computer runs continuously hot then it means fan or heat sink of computer is not able to run more. It’s time to change the heat sink.

Add more fans– If your computer does not get the good air flow then add some more fans. Fresh air is coming from at the top or in the front and it is exhausted out the back of computer.

Replace the hardware– Sometimes hardware getting too old and it is better to replace them by new one.

That is how you can check CPU temperature and reduce it.