How to Check PAN Card Application Status Online

Step by Step Guide to Check PAN Card Application Status Online 2018

3 How to Check PAN Card StatusSteps to Check PAN Card Application Status Search online

There are basically 3 ways to track your PAN Status.

  1. By SMS: Applicant can track their PAN Status by typing a SMS “NSDLPAN 15digit Acknowledge number” and send it to “57575”. Shortly applicant will receive a message indicating their current PAN application Status.

2. By Call: Applicant can call the call centre number ‘020-27218080’, and will be required to provide his/her application acknowledgement number.

3. By Online: Applicant can go online through the official website of NSDL  or UTIITSL

  • Go to the official website.
  • Enter the required details to be filled. And press “Submit” Button.
  • In the “Your PAN Application Status” page, you will see your status

Note: An applicant can track his/her PAN application status 3 days after an application has been submitted. Online tracking of a PAN application is possible only 24 hours after an application is submitted online.


Question 1. How can I track PAN card application status online?

Answer: The 3 basic methods to track PAN card application status are by call, sms, online. All these methods are explained above in this article, please go through it.

Question 2. How PAN card is shipped to me?

Answer: The Income Tax department send PAN card through Indian Speed Post. In case of any special request, shipping through FEDEX, DHL, UPS, etc. can be arranged but the extra charges will be borne by the applicant.

Question 3. Can I cancel my PAN card?

Answer: No, once a PAN is issued, it cannot be cancelled. If you were allotted another PAN by mistake, then only you can cancel any of the PAN which you don’t want to use.

Question 4. Can I keep more than one PAN?

Answer: No, PAN is strictly a unique and lifelong ID of a person, no two PAN can belongs to a same person. It is a punishable offence, if someone found holding two PAN. In this case, immediately inform PAN authorities and get cancelled any one of them as soon as possible.

Question 5. Is father’s name is compulsory for female PAN card applicants even if she is married, divorced or widow?

Answer: Yes, it is mandatory to fill father’s name in the PAN card application and it should be displayed on the card too.



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