How to choose right induction cooker with cookware

How to Select Best Induction and What Things should be remembered

 how-to-choose-right-induction-cooker-with-cookware-mobileslatest-2Nowadays all people buy induction because induction cooks food and warm food very fast then the gas. All people induction because induction has very well for our need.

Induction starts with electric. It creates an electromagnetic reaction between the pot and the induction cooking zone. Induction has become more affordable in recent times. Many people did not know how to select best induction and what things should be check while buying induction but here are some tips for you which help you to buy best induction. If you are planning to buy induction then here are some tips which help you to buy best induction have a look on these tips before buying induction.

What Things Should be Keep in Mind While buying Induction

Size- While buying induction, firstly check their size. The smallest induction start with 30cm and largest 90cm. buy best induction according to your need or size of your kitchen.

Touch Control- Most models of induction cooktop feature touch controls instead of control knobs.

Child Lock- If you have child in your home then buy child lock induction. It is saves for your child.

Timer- Buy that induction which has timer facility.

Boost- Boost function is another best feature in induction. So buy that induction which has this feature.

Automatic shuts off- Automatic shuts off is a safety feature which automatically switch off the induction, when you pot has fully boil.

Fan Quality- Before buying induction, check their fan quality and buy those induction which have better fan quality,

Fan Noise- Don’t buys that induction which fan sounds more. Fan noise should be quieter and better.

Warranty- Buy that induction which has less than 1 year warranty.

Wattage- High wattage induction heat very fast, if you want to heat quickly then buy high wattage induction otherwise buy low wattage induction.

Top plate quality- Check whether the top plate is A-Grade German crystal plate. Don’t buy ceramic top plate induction.

Which Types of Cookware are used in Induction Cooker

Suitable Cookware

You can use only iron, stainless steel, non-stick, Cast iron and mild iron pots.

Unsuitable Cookware

You can’t use the copper bottom stainless steel pots, Aluminum, Ceramic, Porcelain, Brass, Bronze and glass cookware in induction heaters.

Question Answer Related to Best Induction Cooker

Question1- What is induction?

Answer- Induction starts with electric. It creates an electromagnetic reaction between the pot and the induction cooking zone.

Question2- How induction cooker works?

Answer- In an induction heater, the cooking vessel itself is a part of heat generating device, or the cooking vessel itself generate heats.

Question3- What things should be remember while buying induction cooker?

Answer- Size, Touch control, Child lock, Timer, Boost, Automatic shuts off, Fan Quality, Fan Noise, Warranty, Wattage and Top plate quality.

Question4- Which utensils are used in induction cooker?

Answer- Iron, stainless steel, Cast iron and mild iron pots.