How to Clear All Cached Apps data at once on Android Smartphones

What Are the Ways to Clear All Cached Apps

what-are-the-ways-to-clear-all-cached-apps-mobilelatestNowadays all people use android smartphone. Android smartphone has many problems like hanging and restart automatically. For this people want to clear cached memory because cached memory occur problem like hanging and restarting. For clearing cached memory your phone cannot get hang and restart.


There are many ways to clear cached memory. People clear their cached app by one by one but there is another easy way to clear cached at once. If you want to clear cached at once then look at the ways which help you to clear cached easily at once.

Ways to Clear All Cached App at Once

Method 1- By Setting

You can clear cached app buy your phone setting. It is very simple method. If you want to clear app by setting then here are steps for clearing cached by setting.

Step 1- Go to setting

Step 2- Select Storage

Step 3- Select cached data

Step 4- You can see a dialog box then Select Ok

Your all cached data will be deleted.

Method 2- By Switching Off Phone

There is another way to clearing all app cached at once. This is very simple way but for this you want to switch off your phone.

Step 1- Firstly switched off your phone.

Step 2- Then press volume up button, power button and menu or home button simultaneously for few a minute.

Step 3- You can see a screen which have so many options, then select clear cached by volume down button and press power button for selecting.

Step 4- For selecting clear cached you want to press power button. When you click power button phone automatically clear all your cached memory.

Step 5- When you cached memory will be cleared you can see a message which have written that you call app cached memory will be clear.

Step 6- After that your phone will automatically start or if your phone cannot automatically restart then your phone screen get some options. Select reboot option by volume down button and press power button to selecting rebooting option.

Your phones get started and your all app cached memory will be cleared.