How to connect the DualShock controller of PS 4 with laptop

What is Dual Shock Controller

How to connect playstation 4 controller with laptop mobileslatestDual Shock controller is a remote which is control the image that comes in PlayStation 4.There are two ways to connect Dual Stock from the laptop. First way is the USB cable and second way is Bluetooth.

If we connect it from USB cable then this is the best way because wired connection is better than wireless connection. You can find the ways to connect the Dual Shock with laptop.

How to connect PlayStation controller with laptop

  • Install the latest version of Input Mapper in laptop.
  • Connect it with USB cable or Bluetooth.
    Via USB cable- Connect the wire to the laptop and Dual Shock and then play the game.

Via Bluetooth– For connecting with Bluetooth you have to turn on the Bluetooth option on your laptop. Then press and hold the PlayStation button and sharing button for 3 second. It will show you the flash that means you are in pairing mode. Then put the code into laptop to pair.

Then open the Input Mapper and play the video game.

That is how you can play the PlayStation 4 with the help of Dual Shock or PlayStation controller.