How to convert PDF file to JPEG file format – easy steps to convert file format

How to save PDF as JPEG – easy step by step complete guide

Convert Pdf File To Jpeg File Format – Hello Friends, as we all know that sometimes having pdf file is not just enough, you may need it in some other format to various purposes like suppose you have scanned a document in a pdf file format, and you are needed to upload it online to apply for some job or any other purpose. And suddenly you come to know about that you have to upload a jpeg file.

In that case, you have two options first is get rescanned the document in a required format and the second one is to convert it.

Today we are going to tell you the easiest ways to convert the pdf file to jpeg file format. To do this, you two ways get the job done.

1. Use Online Converter: Convert PDF  file To JPEG Format Online

These converters are available online only therefore you should have internet connection. There are so many websites where you can convert your pdf file, but most of them ask for registration. So here we are brought you some websites where you can convert your pdf file without any registration, and have a hassle free experience.

Go2convert: Free Online PDF and Image Converter

This website provide the facility to convert more than 200 file formats and it is capable of processing the files up to 50 MB at free of cost.  To convert the pdf file to jpeg file format follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 – Select go2convert official website.

Step 2 – Select the pdf file which you want to convert and upload it.

Step 3 – Then select the file format as jpeg and set resized image quality. And convert it.

Step 4 – Once converted you can Download it.

Freepdfconvert: Online PDF Converter To Various Format

The best part of this online converter website is that you can convert pdf to various formats like word, excel power point and image, but have the limitation of converting the only first two pages free of cost. This option is good for one or two pages, but to convert more than two pages you need to sign up to take the membership.

Step 1 –Select freepdfconvertofficial website.

Step 2 – Select pdf file which you want to convert.

Step 3 – Once converted you can Download it.

Pdf2jpg: PDF to JPG Free Online Converter

This website is best option for converting pdf file format to jpg file format and you can also select the jpg picture quality as it provide 3 options such as Average (75 dpi), Good (150 dpi), Excellent (300 dpi). But it does not support any other conversion.

Step 1 –Select pdf2jpg official website.

Step 2 – Go to the Choose a pdf file to select the pdf file.

Step 3 – After selecting the pdf file, select the jpg quality.

Step 4 – Then Convert PDF to JPG.

Step 5 – Once converted you can View and Download file. You can also download it to a Zip folder.

2. Offline Converter: Convert PDF to JPEG File Format Offline

These offline converters provide you the option to convert the file without using the internet. To do this you can use the converter software but most of them come with limitation like Trial versions, etc. Here we will tell you the some other manual options as well.

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro version: Most Trusted PDF Reader and Converter

In the free version you cannot save as pdf file to other formats. So you need to purchase the Pro version for the conversion purpose like pdf file to jpeg, png, etc. 

Step 1: Open the pdf file you want to convert.

Step 2: Go to the ‘File’ menu, then go to ‘Save as’ and select the file type ‘jpeg’ from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Finally save it, you can also rename it here if you want to.

Use Snipping Tool: As A Converter And Best Tool For Screenshot

Basically the Snipping Tool is used to take selective screenshot and can save it to the various image formats.

Step 1: First of all you should download the ‘Snipping Tool’.

Step 2: Open the pdf file you want to convert, use mouse to drag and take screenshot then save as jpeg format.

Use Microsoft Powerpoint: How to convert file format by using MS PowerPoint

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about the PowerPoint. Mostly used for preparing presentations but can also be used as converter, if required. Follow the steps to convert pdf file to jpeg file format.

Step 1: Open the pdf file you want to convert and press the ‘PrtScr’ key from the keyboard to take screenshot.

Step 2: Now open the MS Powerpoint, create new blank slide and paste it.

Step 3: Adjust the screenshot by using the crop option from the ‘Format’ Tab, if required.

Step 4: Go to ‘save as’, select file format ‘jpeg’ from the dropdown menu. Finally save it.

All these applications and websites mentioned here are best in our opinion by which you can easily convert your pdf file to jpeg format. I hope all these methods will help you convert easily and you had a nice and beneficial experience visiting our website.


Question 1. Can and how I convert a pdf to jpeg by using Adobe Reader?

Answer:  Yes, you can convert pdf to jpeg but you need to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro version as this conversion feature is not available in the free version.

Question 2. What are the best offline methods for the pdf to jpeg file conversion?

Answer: Adobe Acrobat Pro version, Snipping Tool and PowerPoint are the best tools for conversion.

Question 3. How do you save an Adobe file as a JPEG?

Answer: If you use Adobe Acrobat XI (Pro Version) you can go to menu File > Save As Other > Image > JPEG, and you are done. Otherwise go for the online or screenshot option which are mentioned above in the article.

Question 4. What is the best online converter to convert PDF to JPEG?

Answer: All the above mentioned online converters are best and tested, there is one more converter which has highest ratings. Convertio is the Best PDF to JPEG online converter. It has 4.9 rating on the google.