How to enable voice calling on whatsapp in mobile

How to Start Voice Calling in Whatsapp

How to Start Free Voice Calling in Whatsapp mobileslatestWe all know that whatsapp is very popular app for messaging. People can only do message by the whatsapp. With the help of whatsapp you can send photos or video or audio to your friends.

But now you can call your friends by whatsapp. You need to install latest version of the whatsapp because voice call feature of whatsapp is only available for 2.11.508 or up version. So let’s know how to enable free voice call feature in whatsapp in your mobile.

What are the ways to enable voice call on whatsapp

Method 1 for enabling the voice call on whatsapp

After the update the latest version of whatsaspp, tell to your friend which have already the whatsapp calling feature on his whatsapp. When you receive his call then don’t cut the phone immediately. When calling feature is activated in your whatsapp, you will see the three tabs in the place of two.

Method 2 for enabling the voice call on whatsapp

 Sometimes method 1 is not working in the phone. If you can root your phone then follow these steps. But before follow these steps, take backup of your phone.

Step 1. Install the latest version of the whatsapp in your phone.

Step 2. Install the ES File Explorer File Manager in Google play store.

Step 3. If this app is already installed on your phone then open the app.

Step 4. Enable the Root Explorer. For this swipe it from left to right.

Step 5. Open the Tools app.

Step 6. Scroll down and turn on the Root Explorer.

Step 7. Open the Device folder.

Step 8. Open the data folder and then open data folder under it.

Step 9. Open the com.whatsapp foder.

Step 10. Open the shared_presfs folder.

Step 11. When you open this folder you will find the .xml files. Open the com.whatsapp_preferences.xml in it.

Step 12. Now press the menu button and select edit.

Step 13. Scroll down you will find the </map> tag.

Step 14. Before <map/> write this-

<boolean name=”call” value=”true”/>

<string name=”call_allowed”>all</string>

Step 15. Now save it. For saving, tap on the back button. Save window will automatically open in your phone.

Step 16. Then go to the setting app.

Step 17. Go to the apps.

Step 18. Select whatsapp and select the force stop option.

Step 19. Now open the whatsapp.

Step 20. If all  things are successfully done then you will see the new tab of call.

That is how you can start the voice call on whatsapp.