How to find or check IP address on windows 7/8/10 or smartphone

What is IP address

The way to identify the individual identity lots of cards, like identity card, aadhar card etc., are created in the same way on the internet to identify which device is connected to the internet IP address is given to that device.

Any device connected to the Internet as soon as it gets the IP address. IP address is a 4 digit number from 0 to 225 and separated by periods. If any device is connected to your network then your network has a private IP address and your whole network has a public IP address. Let’s see how to find the IP address on your windows or android mobile or smartphone.

How to find the public IP address

Step 1. Open the browser on your laptop.

Step 2. Open the Google on the browser.

Step 3. Type “My IP” on the search bar.

Step 4. You will get your public IP address on the top the screen.

How to find the private IP address

Step 1. Go to the start menu of your computer or laptop.

Step 2. Go to the command prompt. You can directly go to the command prompt. In windows 7, 8 or 10 you can use the window + R key. You will get a box. Type cmd and then select OK or you can also go to the start menu and type cmd and select it.

Step 3. Your command prompt will open.

Step 4. Type ipconfig and select enter key.

Step 5. This will give you info about your all network.

Step 6. IPv4 has been written in front of your private IP network.

How to find private IP address of smartphone

Step 1. Go to setting app of your phone.

Step 2. Tap on Wi-Fi.

Step 3. Go to the menu button and select advance.

Step 4. Scroll down under the advance option and check your IP address.

That is how you can find the IP address.