How to fix a phone that wont charge properly with 14 easy tips

Fix your Android phone if not charge properly

Fix your Android phone if not charge properly mobileslatestYou decide to buy a smart cell phone and you are concerned with battery timings the most.  If your battery is not charge properly so do not panic.

Many reasons of the phone are not being charged properly. May be it’s because of defect in charger or in connecting wire or may be the charging port is defected and resulting in less or no charging.

If you’re Phone not charge properly try some easy tips

1. Fix the USB port- This is the most common problem in charging. You need turn of your device take a small and thick thing like toothpick and lever up the black tab in your device. Now turn on your device. And then again connect your device with charging cable.

2. Replace your charging cable Second best option is you need replace your charging cable because we use cable daily to charge our phone.

3. Clean up all port Before you put your phone device on charging please you check your USB charging port. So clean up your device port.

4. Replace your phone battery- Battery replacing is good option if your smart phone won’t charge properly. 

5. Do not charge with system- You charging your phones through PC, System, Desktop or Laptops, we would suggest you to stop doing this because charging from a wall socket is always fast and it lasts longer then PC charging.

6. Remove lint, candy and dust- Keep your phone safe for dust and lint.

7. Remember safety tips Do not charge your phone near water and hot condition. And always do not overcharge of your phone.

8. Charge from the right source- Charge  your phone  from a wall socket will always be faster than charging via PC or laptop, because computers’ USB ports don’t deliver very much power. Always your phone will be charge from the right source.

9. Update or roll back- Roll back and update your phone device.

10. Switch off your phone when charging Switch the device to airplane mode and switch off completely when you are charging.

11. Check your battery- Check your battery because battery is the option of wont phone charge properly.   

12. Try different charging cable A new charging cable is cheaper than a new phone. So you replace your charging cable.

13. Restart the phone- A restart could be the good option if your phone won’t charge properly. Your phone not charges properly so this is the best solution of this problem.

14. Close all the background apps- Close unnecessary apps running on your android phone it help to boost your charging speed.

If your phone not charges properly try all these easy tips and get rid of this problem.