How to fix app crashing problem in android mobile phone

How to Fix App Crashing on Android Phone

How to Fix App Crashing on Android Phone mobileslatestMobile crashing is very common in mobile. When an app crashes, we cannot use the app again. App crashing means an app crashes and you cannot use it again. App crashing problem comes from two reasons.

  1. Application is not compatible for your phone.
  2. Setting of app is not correct that is why app is crashing continuously.

It is very difficult to fix the app which is crashed. Here you can get the solution for app crashing problem.

Easy ways to fix the App crashing problem

Step 1. Keep space in the phone empty. Mobiles have limited storage which can be filled very quickly. Remove unwanted apps from the device and put your apps on the SD card.

Step 2. Clear the App data time to time. For this-

  • Go to the setting.
  • Select the all application.
  • And select one app and clear data.

Step 3. Which app has crashed, uninstall it. For this-

  • Go to the phone setting.
  • Select all apps.
  • Select the clear data option.
  • Select the uninstall option.

When the application is uninstalled, then be sure to install it again from the Play Store.

Step 4. Do not use the different network. All android users use the different while downloading an app like WI-FI or mobile data. As a result, the code goes wrong, causing the app to crash. That is why always use the same network.