How to fix flickering or flashing screen on laptop or computer

How to Fix Flashing Screen of Laptop

How to Fix Flashing Screen of Laptop mobileslatestMany people upgrade windows 10 for smooth screen so that it becomes easier to work in the laptop. But just to upgrade the laptop does not fix your laptop.

When you upgrade the new operating system, you get the new problem of flickering or flashing screen. Flickering screen means the screen flickers when you work on the laptop or computer.  Screen is flashing continuously and we do not fix the screen. So here you get the solution for flickering or flashing screen of the laptop or computer.

Easy Way to Fix the Flickering or Flashing Screen

Firstly open the task manager with the help of Ctrl + Shift + Esc. If the screen is flickering except task manager then your laptop has an application which is responsible for the flickering problem. If screen is flickering with task manager then the problem is in the display driver.

If screen is flashing due to application then application is not running due to Norton AntiVirus, iCloud, or IDT audio. In the case of Norton Antivirus, developer symentec is in the problem.

For fixing it uninstall the program. For this go to the setting with the help of Win key + I button. Select the System and then go to the App & features. You will get the total list of apps. Which app is creating problem, uninstall it.

If screen is flickering due to driver then you have to boot the laptop in safe mode. To do this, go to the setting. Select Update & security then select Recovery option. Go to the advance startup.

Then select the Restart now option. If your laptop restarts then select troubleshoot and then advance option. Go to the startup setting and then restart again. When laptop restarts again, select the option 5 to work in safe mode.

Then find the device manager and select it. Select the display driver. Then select the graphic card and uninstall the driver. You will get an option of “Delete the driver for this device”. Tick on it and select OK. And restart the system.

You can uninstall the display driver with the help of third party like Display Driver Uninstaller.

Now you want to install the new driver. For this you can take the help of your window. Type check for updates and select it. Then select the option of check for updates.

If flickering problem is not going then maybe this is possible that your new driver is not patching up with your laptop. Install your old driver again.

Disable the automatic update of Windows 10. As a result, new driver is installed, which causes the screen flickering.

Form these ways you can solve the problem of screen flickering.