How to fix iPhone 6 Water Damage Won’t Turn on 6 Easy Solutions

What to do if your iPhone gets wet easy to fix –

How to fix iPhone 6 Water Damage Won't Turn on 6 Easy Solutions Today we will tell you about ways to fix iPhone 6 Water Damaged Problem at home. Your I Phone could be damaged by all liquid items like tea, coffee, and water. IPhone 6 can be dead also. If your phone has normally water damage, then you can fix it easily. We can fix iPhone 6 water damage phone by some easy method. Here are we telling about how to fix iPhone 6 water damage by home. With help of these methods you can easily fix the iPhone 6 water damaged phone.

What to Do If You iPhone Drop Your in Water –

Here we are telling you some easy ways that you can fix water damage iPhone. Our iPhone can be water damage sometimes. Whenever your iPhone is water damaged then phone display light can be blink or the mobile become more heating up.  Apart from this, the phone can be completely dead. So you can save your mobile to water damage by these methods- 

Setp1:- First of all to fix iPhone 6 Water damaged you need Switch off the Mobile. Because if the phone is on mode and the water damaged it, then the shot circuit can be also in mobile. And the phone will be completely dead.

Step2:- After the power off mobile phone, then remove the SIM card, battery and memory card.

Step3:- After remove the phone accessories It is necessary to dry the parts. For dry mobile parts you can use napkin paper of towel. 

Step4:-To the dry iPhone 6 water damage mobile, keep a phone in drawing pouch and dry all the parts of the phone to dry it.

Step5:- Fix iPhone 6 water damage best easiest way to dry the phone is pressing the phone in dry rice. Rice absorbs more moisture.

Step6:- Apart from this, you can use silica gels to absorb moisture. The silica gels have the capacity to absorb moisture more than rice. This gel is used in the shoes box.  

If the all features are working properly, so your water damage mobile has been solved. If your phone is not turned on, put the phone in the charging for a while. If it is not turned on, then you need to show your phone to any professional expert for repair iPhone 6 water damaged.