How to hide file or folder on your smartphone-with simple way

Hide file or folder on your smartphone-

Ho to hid folder mobileslatestWe have something personal in our Android Smartphone like Photos, videos and other different types of thing, which you did not want to show anyone including your family members or your friends etc.

Easy way to hide your personal data on android-

  • Firstly you want to go phone menu on your android phone.
  • Make a new folder.
  • Need to select the file or the folder and select on the rename option.
  • Now put a dot in the prefix that means put this sign prior to the name of the file or folder.
  • Select the ok button. Your file will be hiding.
  • If you want to open this hidden file it is so simple go to your file explorer and select “Show hidden file or folder” option.
  • Save your personal file.
  • Again go to setting option and select the hide system file option. If you are going to search option your file is no to see.
  • You want to see your hide file going to file manager setting and deselect the hide file.

Use other application to hide file folder on android-

You can use to other applications like app lock, app lock and hide, perfect app lock etc. it is help to hide your personal data on android smartphone.

If you want to hide personal file or folder on your android smartphone try these tips and safe your personal data on android