How to hide photos, videos or files in phone without using app

How to hide photos from gallery

There are many photos or videos which we don’t want to show anyone. But this will show on gallery. We use third party app for hiding photos, video, file or folder. But you don’t know that you can hide photos, videos, files or folders without using any third party app.

Here you can know that how to hide your photos, videos, files or folders from others. There are some tips to hide your folder, photos or videos. So let’s know how to hide photos, video, whatsapp videos from others. For hiding the photos you have file manager app. Virtually this app is pre-install in all android phone but if you don’t have then install the file explorer from the play store.

What are the steps to hide photos in phone

Step 1. Launch the file manager.

Step 2. Choose phone or SD card for hiding the photos. In this case, choose the phone memory for hiding.

Step 3. If you select the memory card then select the Show hidden file option from the option button.

Step 4. Now create a new folder and name it and move that photos, file, videos or folder which you want to hide.

Step 5. After moving all the files, folders, videos or photos, go to the Rename option of that new folder.

Step 6. Put a dot ( . ) before the name of the folder. Example-if hiddenfile is the name of your new folder then write it like- .hiddenfile

Step 7. Now go to your gallery. Your photos or video will not show in your gallery.

Remember that your photos will not show only in the android phone but it will show on the computer.

That is how you can hide your photos, video or files from the android phone.