How to improve Laptop audio or sound quality increase laptop voice

How to boost laptop sound quality

How to boost laptop sound quality mobileslatestIf you want to listen music on your laptop while you are doing something else then you want to good quality audio. Most laptops speakers do not produce the highest quality sound.

This is because of size limitations and the lack of amplification. Most people use a headset with laptop because of sound problem. There is a quite difference in sound quality between various laptops. If you want to improve sound quality of your laptops then follow these methods.

Ways to improve laptop sound quality

1- Loudness Equalization

Maximize the audio volume and enabling or disabling loudness equalization.

  • Select right button on the volume icon
  • Select Playback devices
  • Select Speakers
  • Select Enhancement
  • Select loudness equalization
  • Select Apply

Now your audio volume increased than before.

2- Update Audio Drivers

Update your audio driver to improve sound quality

  • Select sound
  • Select recording
  • Adjust volume and select ok

3- System Sounds

Individual volume controls all your audio devices.

  • Select right button on the volume icon
  • Select open volume mixture
  • Adjust system sound volume

4- Optimize Equalizer Setting

Adjust the sound quality using graphic equalizer.

  • Open Window Media Player
  • Select View from menu
  • Select Enhancements
  • Select Graphic Equalizer
  • Move the slider up

5- Media player equalizer

Disable the player equalizer by following these steps

  • Open Windows Media Player
  • Select Audio Console
  • Select No Effects
  • Disable windows media player equalizer
  • Disable Real Player equalizer

6- USB External Speaker

Buy USB external speaker. It is easily available in the market at cheap cost.