How to Increase Alexa Rank of the Website

What is Alexa

What is Alexa mobileslatestAlexa is a website which gives the rank to the blog or website from seeing their visitors, traffic and other sources. Alexa rank is an only website which is updated daily.

And even some websites are also updated but once in month. The main feature of the Alexa rank is that it updated daily. Everyone put the eyes on their Alexa rank because they want to improve their rank in Alexa.

How to increase Alexa Rank

There are five ways to increase the Alexa rank-

  1. Alexa widget– Alexa widget is a HTML code from which you can increase the rank by adding it in your WordPress blog.
  2. Alexa Toolbar– Add the Alexa toolbar to the chrome browser. After doing this select the Alexa icon. Now you can see all the things of your website. If you install the Alexa toolbar in your laptop or PC and open the website in your laptop then your Alexa ranking will be good.
  3. Increase traffic of website– Alexa gives the rank by seeing the traffic. That is why increase the traffic of the blog. Share your website on the Facebook, Twitter etc.
  4. Update your post daily– Google gives highest ranking to those websites which daily update their post. Alexa also gives the rank to seeing the update of the website.
  5. Alexa review– Alexa review is a new feature in which you can put the link of your website and increase the Alexa ranking.

Questions and answers related to Alexa ranking

Question 1- Why the Alexa ranking is necessary?

Answer- By increasing the Alexa rank more traffic will get in the website.

Question 2- What is Alexa rank?

Answer- Alexa rank is the rank which gives to the website after comparing the other website.

Question 3- What do you understand by Alexa ranking?

Answer- Alexa ranking tells the popularity of the website.

Question 4- What is the best way to increase the Alexa ranking?

Answer- The best way to increase the Alexa ranking is sharing the website on social networking.