How to increase internet speed in Android smartphones

How to Boost internet speed in Mobiles

 how-to-increase-internet-speed-in-android-smartphones-mobileslatestNowadays all people use internet but the main problem of all people who use internet is their speed. All people are gets very angry when internet speed cannot come in high speed.

If the mobile internet speed comes low, then people cannot use internet because of their speed. People want only high speed internet that’s why people recharge their 4G internet recharge. Some time we have 4G, 3G or 2G internet recharge but their speed cannot come in their speed. There are so many ways which increase their mobile internet speed. Have a look on these ways it help you to increase your mobile internet speed.

Ways to Speed up Mobile Internet Speed

Clear cache- If your internet speed is getting low in your mobile then clear cache from your mobile. It will help you in increasing internet speed.

Uninstall Useless Apps- Lots of useless app decrease internet speed. So, remove all the unnecessary apps.

Select Data Prefer Option- Maximum people select the GPRS transfer prefers to call prefer but you should change it to Data Prefer. It will lead to change in internet speed.

Choose preferred network to 3G or 4G- All people know that 4G and 3G network is better than 2G network. So, always recharge 3G or 4G data pack. If you use 2G data pack then change your network selection to 3G or 4G.

Select a Fast Web Browser- Web browser plays a very important role in increasing internet speed. So, choose only fast web browser.

Use Android Apps- There is various Android app available on Google play store that are specially used for increasing internet speed.

Reboot the device- If your internet speed getting low than reboot your phone. It will help you to increase in speed.

Delete unwanted files- In your phone and in memory card there are so many unwanted files, delete these files for increasing internet speed.

Update your App- Which App you can use, update App regularly when need. It will help you to increasing mobile speed.

Question Answer Related to Internet Speed

Question1- What are the ways to increase internet speed?

Answer- Update your App, Delete unwanted files, Reboot the device, Use Android Apps, Select a Fast Web Browser, Choose preferred network to 3G or 4G, Select Data Prefer Option, Uninstall Useless Apps and Clear the cache.

Question2- What are the main problems of people while they using internet?

Answer- While using internet, all people have one problem related to internet speed.