How to increase internet speed on laptop- Boost your internet

How to Boost internet speed on Laptop

HOW TO INCREASE INTERNET SPEED ON LAPTOP mobileslatestThe internet, sometimes called simply the net, is a worldwide system of computer networks, network of networks in which users at any one computer can.

Today, the internet is a public, cooperative and self- sustaining facility accessible to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Nowadays the problem of each person is about slow speed of internet, to increase your speed of internet use these methods.

Methods to increase internet speed on laptop

Run the antivirus regularly- Install antivirus in your system and run it every week. Any virus or malware in your system can reduce the internet speed.

Cleanup the cache- What browser you use it stores the information of every site you visit. The cache keeps on increasing this would also be the reason for decreasing internet speed.

Remove unnecessary app- If you are using the browser for long time ago, it is sure that there will be many extensions and tool bars being added to it.

Remove unnecessary and unused extensions it would help you in increasing the speed of browser. 

Replace the router- Even the age of router counts for the speed of internet. If it is old, then replace it with the new one. Also, place your router close to your laptop never make them apart with longer distance.

Turned off updates- There may be some applications running in the background for the latest updates even after closing web browsers.

You may set the update option for manual update.

Contact ISP- If you are not getting the internet speed you are paying for then contact your Internet Service Provider to find out how much speed you should be getting.