How to link aadhaar number to PAN Card online 2018

Easy Steps to link aadhaar number to your PAN Card online 2018

Link aadhaar number to PAN Card online As we all know that the Government of India has made it mandatory to link your Aadhaar Number to bank accounts, mobile number, LPG connection, PAN, etc. Today the Supreme Court of India has ordered to extend the last date further until 31 March 2018 to link Aadhaar number to PAN and all other services and welfare schemes to facilitate the process of linking. In this regards, Income Tax department has also released the notification that the income tax returns could be e-filed without linking Aadhaar and PAN but the tax department will not process the returns until Aadhaar and PAN are linked. So today in this article we have brought you the easiest steps to link aadhaar number to PAN online which can be followed by anyone. You just need to visit the Income Tax Department’s official website of the department to link Aadhaar number to PAN card  by simple steps.

Steps to link aadhaar number to PAN Number online:

1.       Go to the website .

2.       On the left side of the webpage, you will see a red coloured option “Link Aadhaar”, select it.

3.       A new page will open where you have to enter required details, fill a form carefully and Enter Name exactly as given in Aadhaar Card.

4.       Finally, press the green colour button “Link Aadhaar”.

5.       A pop-up message will appear “Aadhaar – PAN linking is completed successfully.” And you are done.

You can also link aadhaar number to PAN by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number.

Type : “UIDPAN SPACE 12 digit Aadhaar Space 10 digit PAN”

For Example: UIDPAN 123456123456 ABCDE1234F


Send SMS to 567678 or 56161


Question 1. Why Aadhaar linking to PAN is necessary?

Answer: Aadhaar linking to PAN is necessary because it has been made mandatory to file income tax return. Though your PAN will not be cancelled if linking is not done within the time period, but it is suggested to do it now, as somewhere in future you will be required to do so.

Question 2. How can I link my Aadhaar number to the PAN?

Answer: To link Aadhaar number to PAN, you have two options by using SMS facility or by online facility. Read the article carefully and follow the instructions mentioned above.

Question 3. Can’t link Aadhaar and PAN number, Authentication Failed popup message is displayed every time, what to do?

Answer: This is could be because the name or the date of birth mentioned in these two documents doesn’t match. Check if you are entering the correct details.

Question 4. Do I need to create an account or logging in to the income tax department’s website to link Aadhaar and PAN?

Answer: No, you can go to the direct link shown in the website.

Question 5. Can mobile company use my biometrics for any other purposes which are taken at the time of SIM verification?

Answer: No one can store or use your biometrics as they are encrypted as soon as Aadhaar holder places his finger on fingerprint sensor and this encrypted data is sent to UIDAI for verification.

Regulation 17(1)(a) of the Aadhaar (Authentication) Regulations 2016, strictly prohibits any requesting entity which includes mobile phone companies, banks etc from storing, sharing or publishing the finger-prints for any reason whatsoever and neither shall it retain any copy of such fingerprints. Any violation of this provision is a punishable offence under the Aadhaar Act 2016.