How to make conference call from mobile phone

How to do conference call from mobile

How to do conference call from mobile mobileslatestWhen we have less time and we want to talk together with some people in mobile then we make conference call. It takes lots of time when we talk people one by one.

When we want to tell one same thing to many people then we used to call them one by one and say same thing to every person. This is very irritating. But android phone gives you the facility of conference call for talking many people at ones. But many people don’t know how to do conference call. So here you get the steps to make conference call.

What are the ways to make conference call

Step 1. Firstly, call the one person or friend.

Step 2. When he received the call, tap on the Add call icon from the mobile screen. From doing this, first call is placed on hold.

Step 3. Now call the second person or friend. Find his name from the contact list and call him.

Step 4. When the second person also received the call, tap on merge icon from the screen.

Step 5. Now you can talk with your two friends together.

Question and answer related to conference call

Question 1. How many people can talk in conference?

Answer. There are approximately 5 people who can talk in conference call.

Question 2. What is conference call?

Answer. With the help of conference call you can talk many people together at the same time. We can say that to merge the many call is called the conference call.

Question 3. What is the meaning of merge?

Answer.  Merge means meet.

Question 4. In which mobile conference call is possible?

Answer. Including the android conference call is also possible in feature phone or normal phone.