How to make text size bigger on Android smartphones-Smart tips

Make text larger on android-

The standard of Android text size is too small for people to comfortably read. You can fix this problem by making the Android text size. If you make the text on your smartphone is bigger try this simple tip.

Simple way to android text size larger-

  1. Use the setting option-
  • Open your home screen on your android.
  • Find the setting option and select it.
  • Then select the display option.
  • You can choose the font style.
  • And then choose font size.
  1. Use shortcut for text size bigger-
  • First of all you start on your home screen.
  • Open the massage box.
  • Go to the select option and select.
  • Use volume buttons for change your font size.
  • Back to home screen and check the shortcut tips.

Try all these shortcut tips for make text bigger in size on your android.