How to move Apps from phone memory to memory card in Android

Why to move apps in SD card

Why to move apps in SD card mobileslatestSometimes internal storage will be full and there is no space left in the phone memory and that is the reason of message of insufficient storage available will show.

This means there is no space left to store more data but you can move apps to your SD card. That is how you can make space in the phone memory. This message also pops out when you select the storage location on memory card and your memory card storage will be full. So before moving the apps just check out the once where you select the location. If you select your storage location to phone memory then you can move the apps phone memory to SD card.

Ways to move the app in SD card

  • First, go the setting of your phone.
  • Select the storage option.
  • Then go to the internal storage.
  • Then select the apps option.
  • Then select that app which you want to move to SD card.
  • Then it will give you the option of move to SD card or change.
  • If you select the move to SD card option then it will directly move the app to the SD card.
  • If you have an option of change then it will give you 2 option of SD card or internal storage for change storage location.
  • Select one of them and your app will be move on that place which you selected.

Apps will work normally after moving in SD card as before. If you remove the SD card then an icon will replaces that app’s icon and tell you that this app had been moved to SD card. This will not work until you will not put the SD card back.