How to move pictures from phone memory to SD Card on smartphones

Move pictures from android to SD card

how to transfer photo in sd cardPeople take photos after photos from their mobile phones and they start installing high resolution photos. With the passage of time the memory gets consumed and causing space problems in phones.

The vast majority of Android phones come with a micro SD card slot, which lets you bolt on additional storage. Once you move pictures from gallery to SD card, you will able to capture more and more photos. You can easily transfer them, travel with them and share them with others.

Easy ways to move photos from phone to memory card


Select apps to open all the apps on your device.

2-My file application

 Look for the icon my files, open my files or file explorer    application to move pictures to SD card.

3-Device storage

Go inside your devices memory or device storage.


Select the camera option, DCIM or images.


Select the photos you want to move


Select menu option, right on the corner.


 Select move option to move files on SD card. 

8-SD card memory

Go to the SD card memory location.

9-Navigate location

Navigate to the location where you want to move the photos. Create a new one or any folder.

10-Move photos

Move or paste your photos.