How to Record Voice Audio on Mobile- Voice Recoding in Phone

Easy Ways Audio Voice in Android Phone

How to Record Easy Ways Audio Voice in Android Phone mobileslatestAudio recording is a sound that is heard on a recording. Audio recording is an electrical inscription of sound waves such as spoken voice, singing, or sound effects. Audio equipment is used for recording or broadcast of electrical frequencies.

Ways to record audio

  • Use airplane mode- If you are recording audio than keep your phone in airplane mode, there was no problem in your audio recording when your phone is in airplane mode.
  • Get close to the source- Many times you don’t make a good audio just because of distance problem, so close to your subject and start recording.

How to Record Clear Audio Voice

  • Select voice recording app- Select the app from your mobile to record the audio.
  • Select the red button to record- Select the red button to record the audio. To get the best sound for recording, point the bottom of mobile to the source of the audio.
  • Stop the recording audio- Select the red button again to stop the recording audio.
  • Save the recording audio- When you stop your recording select save option to save the recording audio.
  • Select play for listening audio- When audio will be save then select play to listen the audio.
  • For deleting audio- If you want to delete audio, select the delete button to delete it.