How to reduce high data usage on mobile phones or android phones

How to reduce mobile data

How to save Mobile data MobileslatestPeople are addicted to social networking sites, your smartphone is literally of no use without internet connectivity. Unlimited data plans are very expensive nowadayss

Most smartphone users are attracted to the limited data plan.Despite this, there was concern that the data has not ended. Every mobile user, data finished before the expiry date.

Methods to reduce mobile internet data

Use data saver– Mobile data use very low when you will turn on data saver. Use any browser, every browser have option of data saver.To activate open browser, go to the setting, select data saver option and turn it on.

Restrict background data- Many application run in the background, due to this data use more, so restrict your background data. To restrict go to mobile setting,select 3 dots which were in above and select restrict background data.

Low resolution video– Many people watch online videos,it can reduce data very quickly. So watch low resolution video. Set your video in low resolution then watch it.

Manual Updates– Sometime apps are on auto update and it reduce data very much. So take off auto updates and put it on manual update,so you can update only those apps which you use. To select open your play store setting, select auto update and select do not auto update apps.

Light version- Many application launched their light version. Install the light version of apps and use them. This will save you a lot of data.

Avoid full HD video– Does not upload or view full HD video on internet it takes your lots of data. Stay away from these videos.

Close Popup and Add– When we open a website many popup and add are come in front of the websites which use more mobile data and internet speed is too low.To close them go in Google Chrome, select setting, then advanced setting, select privacy, then select content setting and close plug in and popup.This takes a low data to load a webpage.

Avoid Web App calling– Most people do web calling. This takes lots of data. So, avoid web calling.