How to remove or delete virus from smartphones and tablets

How to remove a virus from smartphones

How to remove a virus from smartphones mobileslatestViruses are installed by third party apps or apps installed in devices. If your phone is not functioning it means your device have some virus or malware on it

The numbers of apps are infected with viruses, so if your devices have a malware then avoid to installed software outside from the Google play. If you want to delete a virus or malware from your device then follow these steps.

Ways to remove malware from smartphones and tablets

1-Safe Mode-

Put your device into safe mode. It prevents any third party apps running and detects malware from device.  Press and hold Power off button then select and hold power off option, to reboot in Safe mode then select OK.

2-Install Antivirus App-

There are plenty of free antivirus apps are available in play store that are able to detect and remove virus from your device.

3-Uninstall the App-

Uninstall the defected app which has viruses on it. Go to setting then all apps select infected app and uninstall it.

4-Factory Reset-

Factory reset your device it will remove all your malware from your device but you will lose everything so you can firstly backup your all data then reset it.

5-Scan your Device-

Scan your device every day to protect your device from viruses.

6-Unknown Sources

Avoid to install unknown sources, before install the any application always read the review and rating and check the permissions and locations that an application want to access when downloading.