How to save and watch YouTube videos offline in smartphones

How to watch YouTube video offline

How to watch YouTube video offline mobileslatestEveryone sees the video in YouTube.When viewing online video in YouTube, network occasionally disappear and we do not see the whole video.

Everyone wants to see the entire video, you can solve this problem by installing the video then you will see the full video in offline. Viewing online video in YouTube also takes a lot of data, so you can install videos from YouTube and see video in offline.

Methods to watch YouTube video offline

Update YouTube app– Update YouTube app on your phone by going to the play store app.

Open app– Then open the updated app.

Select offline– Select the offline option from the YouTube app.

Extra button- You will see an extra button to install the video files from video available for offline viewing.

Select resolution– Then select resolution 360p or 720p, which you want to select. The lower resolution video, consume less data as well as take less space on the internal storage.

Change the option- By default videos are install when phone is connected to a WiFi network. You can change it by YouTube offline setting. Go to menu in offline setting and change it.

Offline category– When video is installed, it is saved under offline category. You can click on any video saved in Offline category when you have no data connection then it will play.