How to Save Mobile from Getting Wet-Save Water Damaged Phone

How to protect wet mobile phone

How to save WET mobileMobile is something that you can use anywhere, such as in the kitchen, in the garden, in the bathroom. And these places are most afraid of wet mobile.

Sometimes your phone suddenly goes under water or accidentally drops water on it and you think mobile will never work now. By adopting some ways you can save your mobile. Mobile wet in rainy season is most afraid of. Here we show you, how can we dried mobile after wet.

What to do to dry wet mobile

  1. Firstly, take the phone out from water as soon as possible.
  2. Then immediately switch off your phone.
  3. Then the battery, SIM, memory card or all the accessories which you had attached from the phone, remove it.
  4. If possible, use a vacuum cleaner that will remove extra water in your phone.
  5. Then place the phone and its parts in the packet full of rice or silica gel. They will help you to absorb the extra water from the mobile.
  6. Then put your phone in the sun on top of the towel. It will help you to remove the water from the small spaces of the phone.
  7. Test your phone again.
  8. If your mobile is not running even after complete drying then charge it without a battery.
  9. Even after these all things if your phone is not working then give it to an expert to fix it. Sometimes he is also able to fix it.
  10. Use a protective cover mobile right after.

What not to do?

  • Don’t run mobile immediately after removing from the water.
  • Do not attempt to dry the mobile with the hair dryer because more heat would be the reason of damage.
  • Do not try to charge more. By doing this you will lose the moisture out of the phone but will retain moisture in the mobile parts inside.
  • Never remove parts of a mobile, do not try to fix it.