How to Select Best Air Conditioner and What Things should be remembered

What Things Should be Keep in Mind While buying Air Conditioner

what-things-should-be-keep-in-mind-while-buying-air-conditioner-mobileslatestThere are so many people who want to buy best air conditioner for their home, for office and for their shops etc. AC keep the environment cool, that’s why people demanding for AC in summer season.

While buying Air Conditioner people cannot know how to select best AC and what things should be remembered or check while buying AC. There are many ways or tips which help you to buy best AC. If you are planning to buy Air Conditioner and you don’t know which one is best AC for you then view below tips before buying Air Conditioner.

What are the Ways to Select Best Air Conditioner

Noise of AC- If you want to buy those AC which less noise then buy Split air conditioners because Split AC is quieter than window AC.

Energy Efficient AC- Consider energy efficient of AC while buying. It can help you cut down your electricity bills significantly and apart from being more environment-friendly.

Air Conditioner BTU- British thermal unit (BTU) is the unit of measuring energy. While buying AC check their BTU.

Compressor of AC- Air Conditioner has a reciprocating compressor or a scroll-type compressor. Scroll-type compressors are generally considered more efficient.

AC Filter- While buying AC check their filter. Filter with a higher MERV rating is best.

AC Thermostat- Thermostat (temperature setting) can either be manual or programmable. A programmable thermostat comes with a built-in memory.

AC Warranty- Some AC has longer warranties or some has short period warranty. Buy those AC which have longer warranty.

Multipurpose AC- AC is not just used for cooling, but as a multi seasonal product which can also be used in winters for heating.

Auto restart AC- There is some AC which has auto restart facility, which starts automatically and restore the original setting when the power is restored.

Timer AC- Buy those AC which have timer facility. For this, your AC can get switched off after a particular time.

Setting Lock AC- If you don’t want your AC to be misused when you are absent then buy those AC which has locked setting features which allow you to lock your settings.

In built stabilizer AC- Some AC has in built stabilizer facilities, this ensures that the AC works smoothly even in extreme voltage fluctuations.

Auto clean AC- Some AC has auto cleaning features, which automatically runs the fan even after you turn the AC off.

Question Answer Related to Air Conditioner-

Question1- What are the different types of air conditioner?

Answer- Air conditioner is three types, window air conditioner, Portable air conditioner and split air conditioner.

Question2- What is window air conditioner?

Answer- Window AC installed in a window and exhausts warm air outside.

Question3- What is split air conditioner?

Answer- Split air conditioner consist two units, an outer unit and an inner unit.

Question4- Which type of air conditioner make less noise?

Answer- Split air conditioners are quieter than window air conditioners.

Question5- What is inverter air conditioner?

Answer- Inverter AC is the latest technology in the world of cooling devices. It is more energy-efficient and less noisy as compared to adapter-based or non-inverter AC.