How to select best DTH service (Direct to home service)

What things should be keep in mind while buying DTH service

 how-to-select-best-dth-service-direct-to-home-service-mobileslatestIn the old times, people have same TV but people changes the demand and taste with the time. And nowadays there are so many features of TV.  Now people have so many options of buying TV. Like- LED TV, LCD TV, Flat TV, Curved TV etc. But all the television has same work of entertainment. You watch serials, cartoon, movies for your entertainment. But all the channels are come with help of service. Some people use cable and some people like to use DTH service. DTH services provide better and clear channels. But most of people do not know how to select better DTH service and this will cause problem after some time. If you don’t know how to select best DTH service then do not take tension. Here you know how to select best DTH service. 

What are the ways to select the best DTH service

Know about the channels- If you are going to buy DTH service then firstly know about the channel of that DTH service. Like- How many channels are available, how many channels are in basic pack, how many regional channels will come etc.

Know about the package plan- Some DTH service operator offer some channel in package plan. But before buying the DTH service know about the package plan. Like how much amount will charge for sports package or lifestyle package. Keep in mind that you have to charge for every package. This is not already available in your basic pack.

Know that how much time will spend on installing the service- When you will go for buying DTH service, you should know about installation charges of installation of the connection. And also know about when will service start after installation. How much charges will be taken for porting the connection from one place to another. Clear all these things before buying the DTH service.

Buy setup box according to your TV- If you are thinking about buying HD setup box then keep in mind that your TV has to be HD also otherwise HD channels will not come on your TV.

Question and answer related to buy DTH service

Question 1- Is the sports pack or lifestyle pack available in basic pack at free of cost?

Answer- No, sports and lifestyle package are not available in basic at free of cost. You have to give some charge for additional packages.

Question 2- Is the installation free for DTH service?

Answer- No, the installation is not free for DTH service. Always take the full details from DTH service provider for installation of service.

Question 3- If we buy HD setup box then HD channel will come in TV or not?

Answer- Yes, if your TV support HD channel then HD setup will work on your TV.