How to Select Best Inverter and What Things should be remembered

What Things Should be Keep in Mind While buying Inverter

what-things-should-be-keep-in-mind-while-buying-inverter-mobileslatestNowadays all people buy inverter for their home, for office purpose and for their shops. Inverter is one of the most demanded products of summer season.

A power inverter is a device that converts low-voltage direct current power to standard household alternating current power. Some people cannot understand how to choose best inverter. If you are planning to buy inverter and you are confused how to select best inverter then here are some tips which help you to buy best inverter. Have a look on those ways before buying inverter.

What are the Ways to Select Best Inverter

Starting Power of InverterWhile buying inverter, calculate their starting power. 18 Watts CFL takes around 25 Watts power to start and after few seconds it stabilizes to 18 Watts.

Inverter Battery- Check inverter battery before buying inverter. Performance and life of an inverter is greatly depends upon battery.

Inverter Warranty- Some inverter battery has guarantee and warranty. So buy inverter which gives you warranty and guaranty.

Inverter Power Consumption- Inverters take mains power supply to charge the batteries. If the charging section of an inverter is not energy efficient, it will waste electricity even after the battery is fully charged.

Solar Panel Input Inverter Those inverters which have solar panel, those inverters are embedded with solar charging circuits and regulators.

Voltage Stabilizer Inverter Some inverters comes with inbuilt voltage stabilizer, which protects your appliances from voltage fluctuations.

Earth leakage protection InverterEarth leakage protector inverter is a safety device used to protect users from electric shock and appliances from damage.

Branded Inverter Buy branded inverters, non-branded batteries may fail at any time even within the warranty period.

Budget- According to your budget buys best inverter.

Question Answer Related to Inverter-

Question1- What is power inverter?

Answer- A power inverter is a device that converts low-voltage direct current power to standard household alternating current power.

Question2- What are the different types of inverter?

Answer Modified sine wave inverter and digital inverter.

Question3- What are the features of best inverter?

Answer- Ground fault protection, transfer switch, solar power support, low voltage alarm, remote control and power save sleep mode.